Kingspan Renewables Great Britain

Kingspan Group
Kingspan Worldwide

Kingspan Renewables is committed to providing world-leading, efficient and cost effective solutions to satisfy today's environmental concerns.

Kingspan Solar

The Thermomax range of evacuated tube solar thermal collectors are manufactured at the Irish headquarters and distributed through a worldwide network.

Kingspan Aeromax

Aeromax heat pumps use natural heat from the air outside to provide central heating (underfloor
heating or traditional radiators) and/or hot water for your home.

Kingspan HWS

Kingspan Hot Water Systems Ltd is a market leader in high performance hot water storage solutions in both copper and 'Duplex' stainless steel materials throughout the UK and Ireland.

Non Domestic

Whether you need renewable technologies for a new building or a refurbishment project, Kingspan can offer you the total solutions package to meet your specific needs.

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